Thursday, May 21, 2009

4.0 aftershock Hawthorne

There is a lot of irony in life, right? I think it is so weird that the biggest shaker I have experienced in some time happened this week (the 4.7 Hawthorne). And normally, I would be all over the afterschocks...posting this one and that one.... they are all in the Hawthorne, Inglewood, LAX area.... (there have been tons.) Some of them small but for me, who cares. I always like putting up the photo and map no matter how small.
But I haven't put up any. I have been swamped with stuff to do this week. Running around like a crazy person. And then I got sick and I don't know I just didn't have time to post.
And then there was the decent sized 4.0 on Tuesday and darn it...I didn't feel it! I was walking down the street to vote when it happened and you know unless the quake is pretty large you don't always notice them when you are outside.
Anyway, I say all that to apologize. I am sorry I have missed many of them. But really, I can't put up too many photos of this seismic hot zone. It is too uninteresting. Although, if I remember correctly, I think the Beach Boys grew up not too far from all these quakes. I will come back when I get that detail.
This particular aftershock is a bit creepy in that it is right next to the 105 freeway. This freeway is the latest freeway in Los Angeles. I think it took close to 20 years from inception to wheels on it. And when it was completed it was at full capacity. Basically, a brand new 17 mile stretch of gridlock. Cal Trans and the State of California got it wrong. I ask you, if they get the basic tenet of what a freeway should be...wrong... who is to say they didn't also get the correct concrete versus sand mixture wrong?
And with that in mind.. I promise you had Tuesday's quake been a 6 and not a 4...the 105 would be a broken down pile of mess. .......How about those Good Vibrations?

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